This website is intended to provide information for DX-ers. There will be searchable databases for ARRL DXCC Approved Operations, LoTW users, QSL managers, and QSL'ing information.

John, N4QVMHopefully you will find the information here to be useful. If you have questions, suggestions, or information to add just let me know.

This web site started out with me searching for information on which which DX operations the ARRL had approved for DXCC credit. After a lot of searching on the internet I could not find a single source that you could search and find out if such and such operation had been approved. In various yahoo groups someone would post a question asking if anyone knew of a list of approved operations and no one knew of a source. Since there didn't seem to be a source of that information I started collecting it myself.

After I started collecting the information and entering it into a database I realized that others would like to have access to the list, so I decided to build this website. It has taken a while to get the information together and get the search function to work right. I think it is working fine now.

The list contains information going back to 2002 or so. I will add earlier operations as I get time to track them down. If you know of an operation that has been approved and is not in the list please send me that information and I will add it. Include your call sign so you can be entered as the source.

After starting the website I decided to add the databases for LoTW users and QSL Managers. I would like to thank Bernie McClenny of the Daily DX for allowing me to use the QSL Manager data from his newsletter. I will be entering data into the managers list for quite a while, so if you don't get a match on your first search come back in a few days and try again. There is a very large amount of data to enter there.

73 and good DX